How not to police a protest: Unlawful use of force by Hong Kong police

On Wednesday 12 June 2019, tens of thousands of protesters in Hong Kong took over streets around the city’s political centre to demand that the Hong Kong government withdraw proposed amendments to the extradition law. The Hong Kong police used the violent acts of a small group as a pretext to use unnecessary and excessive force against the vast majority of peaceful protesters.

Amnesty International has collected footages and verified 20 of them concerning 14 incidents of excessive use of force by the Hong Kong Police on the ground during the mass protest. This non-exhaustive collection of videos draws upon extensive media coverage and social media posts by local and international press organizations, civil society groups and people in Hong Kong. Based on our careful examination of these incidents, we find that the use of force by police in the largely peaceful protest that took place on 12 June violated international human rights law and standards.

Amnesty International is calling on the Hong Kong government not to repeat such abuses against peaceful protesters and instead to ensure people can legitimately exercise their rights to peaceful assembly freedom of association and expression.


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