About us


The Police and Human Rights Programme is part of the Dutch Section of Amnesty International. Amnesty is a global movement of more than 7 million people active in over 150 countries who campaign to end human rights violations.

Amnesty International envisions a world where each and every person enjoys all human rights set forth by the 1948 Universal Declaration and other international treaties on human rights. Thanks to the generous contribution of our members and donors, Amnesty International is truly independent of any political ideology, economic interest or religion.


It is our constant endeavour to demonstrate that it is both possible and indispensable for human rights law and standards to be implemented in daily policing practice.

The area of policing and human rights presents a dynamic and constantly evolving field of study. The human rights discourse has in recent years broadened its attention to include not only the negative functions of the State and its agents as human rights violators but also their positive obligations as human rights protectors. Ultimately, both police and human rights advocates are (or should be) striving for societies characterised by security and safety. This insight has opened up the possibility for police and NGOs to work together rather than opposing each other.

Within this framework, we seek to foster representative and accountable law enforcement, based on the conviction that only human rights-compliant policing is good and effective policing. At the same time, we aim to enhance knowledge and understanding of the security sector within Amnesty International and the wider human rights community in order to become more effective when addressing law enforcement or working on police related issues.

For more information on our programme, please visit  our website: www.amnesty.nl/policeandhumanrights.


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