K.G. v. Belgium (Application no. 52548/15) (Judgment in French only)

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The case concerned an asylum-seeker (K.G.) who was placed and kept in detention under four decisions, for security reasons, while his asylum application was pending. In particular, he was “placed at the Government’s disposal” and held on that basis for approximately 13 months.
The Court found in particular that public interest considerations had weighed heavily in the decision to keep K.G. in detention, and saw no evidence of arbitrariness in the assessment made by the domestic authorities. It also observed that K.G.’s health had not been jeopardised and that he had benefited from special care in both the centres where he had been detained. Lastly, the Court found that, in view of the issues at stake and the fact that the domestic authorities had acted with the requisite diligence, the length of time for which the applicant had been placed at the Government’s disposal could not be regarded as excessive.