Communication No. 578/2013 (CAT/C/56/D/578/2013). State party: Burundi

A selection of key paragraph(s) can be found below the document.

Paragraph 7.3: “The Committee has noted the State party’s argument that the actions of the police officers were unplanned, that the officers were not acting on orders and that therefore the acts in question cannot be classified as torture. In this regard, the Committee observes that, according to information provided by the complainant that has not been contested by the State party, the individuals who beat and interrogated him were uniformed police officers armed with rifles and belts. Furthermore, the complainant was severely beaten for two hours by police officers within the police station itself. Based on the information provided to it, the Committee concludes that the abuse inflicted upon the complainant was committed by agents of the State party acting in an official capacity and that the acts constitute acts of torture within the meaning of article 1 of the Convention.”